The Serbia, Slovakia and Israel scans are now uploaded.  The Israel programme was only available online via their FA website and the PDF was available to download (there’s not really too much in the way of content). A dealer arranged to have copies printed from these PDF’s and around 100 were done.  16 pages and correctly printed “back to front”, it’s professionally produced and although not officially printed - like the SFA programme from the Israel game in September - it’s good to have an actual paper copy for the collection.

We now go into International hibernation until late March 2021, although with European Championship qualification confirmed for next summer it guarantee’s a minimum of 15 matches, a busy year in prospect. We all hope Covid is more under control by then to allow at least some fans back to matches. The World Cup qualifying draw takes place on 7th December.


Time for a long overdue news update.  Covid of course has disrupted almost every facet of society in 2020 and football has been no different, with Scotland playing all Internationals behind closed doors.  Programme wise things were nothing like normal as you would expect.

All March games were cancelled including the Israel play-off match, as of course Euro2020 was itself and the season didn’t get underway until September when Israel paid a visit, but this was for the next edition of the Nations League and not the play-off for the previous edition which would come the following month.  The SFA decided that they would publish an online programme only - a 42 pager - luckily an enterprising programme dealer printed a perfect bound A5 programme from the PDF, and to a very high standard. Not sure how many were printed, perhaps less than 200 so may be hard to obtain as time goes on.

The had also planned an online programme a few days later for the game in Olomouc, however after the squad suffered an outbreak of Covid and the entire team were replaced by a Czech FA scratch B team, they decided not to release the programme.

Onto October and three home matches, and credit to the SFA as this time they employed Ignition Sports Media to print and sell the programme and they offered a very reasonable £10 package if you wanted all three editions.  They were all A5 sized, the Israel play-off issue was 52 pages and perfect bound, and the Slovakia and Czech issues were a slimmer 32 pages not perfect bound.  Again, I’m not sure how many they would have printed of each issues, but it would be nowhere near normal print runs.

November saw the last three games of the year all of which were away and Serbia was first up for the do-or-die clash for a Euro2020 spot.  The Serbian FA issued a 20 page programme which also covered their home match with Russia the following week, only available in the stadium and with these games behind closed doors not many would have been printed.  Onto Bratislava and they also printed a programme, A4 sized 28 pages and this time given away with the previous days edition of Dennik Sport newspaper, it was also available if you were press/VIP at the game which of course was behind closed doors.  Both of these programmes came back to Scotland in very limited numbers and will be very difficult to obtain in future, I will update the website with scans once the promised copies arrive. 

Be careful with the Slovakia programme as there are copies which have surfaced from Ukraine which are re-prints, the seller having printed the programme from a PDF file on the Slovakian FA website, I will highlight the differences as and when I can.  Likewise, news from Israel when it is to hand.

Sadly there were no programmes for any of the U21’s in 2020, either home or away.




In Slovenia there were three issues available. First the glossy English language edition aimed at Scotland fans and priced at €5, widely available. Second was the “Official” issue given out free in the Slovenia end of the stadium, printed on newspaper magazine style paper. Thirdly there was the Ekipa sportpaper issue, an A4 programme supplement to the Saturday edition and similar to the “Official” issue, harder to obtain than the other two but worth the effort to seek out.

The U21 match in Latvia a few days later saw a programme which also covered the Latvia v Andorra World Cup qualifier later the same day.


Programmes for the Slovakia game appeared to be in short supply around the stadium from official channels. There was a gentleman walking around outside the Scotland end and a few pubs selling them from a carrier bag for €5 each or €10 for three. I suspect the programmes should have been freely available but for some reason they weren't, and this gentleman was making a pretty penny selling them!  There was no programme for the Iceland U21 game in Reykjavik, but there was one for the game in Skopje against Macedonia a week later.


Unlike in Dortmund, where the programmes were handed out for free once you had passed through the turnstiles, in Warsaw, just like in March for the friendly, the programmes were VIP/Press only and were rather difficult to get your hands on at the stadium.

As for the game at Ibrox against Georgia, A4 and £5 seems to be the new format for Scotland programmes, disappointing in both terms of size (does anyone like A4 programmes?) and of course price.


The Poland issue in Warsaw saw a VIP/Press only issue, they were not on sale at the stadium and were fairly difficult to obtain.

At this stage I have no indication of how many were actually printed.


The Macedonia programme was VIP/Press only and to the best of my knowledge none were offered for sale around the stadium.

There were only around 600 copies printed, so they move prove difficult to get hold of as time passes.


As expected, the programme for the game in Zagreb was VIP/Press only but with a problematic twist. The programme was apparently withdrawn before the game due to some form of error within it, possibly sponsor related, therefore no programmes were distributed in the VIP/Press areas. This meant the only copies to fall into Scottish hands were largely those that were pre-ordered from the Croatian FA and collected presumably before the error was noticed. So, another Prague type situation.  A figure of 1,000 copies printed has been banded around and presumably most of those will be destroyed.

I suspect that enough copies will make their way back to satisfy the demands of all semi-serious Scotland collectors, but the casual collector who likes to pick-up a programme only from games attended and as a nice souvenir may have to dig deep to secure a copy.


The Estonia and Wales programmes were along normal lines, 68 pages for £3. In Novi Sad , the 28 page programmes was a Press/VIP only issue with initial plans to sell the programme to fans being shelved. It shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on a copy though. Croatia in June will probably also be Press/VIP only.


The official programme in Luxembourg was produced by Scotland fans with the full authorization of the Luxembourg FA, who also contributed content to the programme and who also distributed copies in their VIP/Press area. 350 copies were printed which were sold in Luxembourg both in town and at the stadium for €4 with profits to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. There was also an “unofficial” programme produced in the Netherlands which was being sold at the stadium and being passed off as the official programme, it was not. I believe it was being sold for €3 each.

No news yet on the U21 game in Portugal the same day, although indications are that no programme was printed although tickets/teamsheets may have been available.

That's it for 2012, next up is Estonia at Pittodrie in February before the Wales home/Serbia away double header in March.


The Wales programme was, as expected, easily available around the ground in Cardiff , Brussels on the other hand was a different matter. The A4 programme was printed in two languages, Dutch and French and covered both the Belgians game in Serbia as well as the Scotland game, but was VIP/Press only. Apparently around 750 copies of each were printed and almost impossible to get hold of at the stadium unless you were in those areas. A number of copies made their way onto eBay via Belgian and Dutch sellers and were quickly snapped up, I'm awaiting my copies to arrive, so scans up soon. This could be a difficult one to get hold of in future, particularly the French edition.

Luxembourg : There will be an official programme available at the match, produced in Scotland with the full authorisation of the Luxembourg FA who themselves had no plans for a programme. Watch this space.


The new home programmes, now published by OPublishing Ltd are certainly an improvement on the efforts of the last few years. A refreshing new approach which is to be welcomed although there are still a few areas lacking, one of them being stats. However overall a pleasing improvement, unlike our form on the pitch. There was a 20 pager issued for the U21 home game against Luxembourg , also by the new publishers and still free. Nothing was issued for the U21 away game in Austria .


USA : True to form, the USSF did not publish a programme for the match in Jacksonville , instead they were content selling their 2012 Yearbook for $15 with a team roster inserted inside. The unofficial TA programme was on sale inside the stadium for $5. Again, 160 printed.

U21: The SFA made unwanted history by not printing a programme for the recent Italy friendly match at Easter Road, the first time there has been no programme for a home U21 match for around 25 years. Quite why they choose not to print one is anyone's guess. There was no programme for the U21 game in Lovech , Bulgaria .

Slovenia : A further “unofficial” issue has surfaced from Slovenia , printed by sports paper “Ekipa”, it's an A4 issue very similar to the one issued in Spain , although much more of a programme with full line-ups and pen-pics.


Slovenia : There was an official programme produced by the Slovenian FA. A4 sized with 24 pages in both Slovenian and English it was priced at €4, although seemingly only available via a small window in the side of the home end stand that many Scotland fans missed, myself included. Apparently 700 were printed.

There was also an unofficial programme available in the Scotland section [and the Lord Byron pub beforehand] to raise funds for the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, A5 with 12 pages which sold for €3. 160 of these were printed.

Spain Reprint : As most of you are probably aware, an English programme dealer has reprinted the Spanish Dossier programme and is selling these via ebay . I now have one of these reprints and I thought it useful to list the main differences. The most obvious one is that inside the back cover of the reprint, in the bottom right hand corner, it is marked “Reprinted November 2011” although in a small font and easily missed. The other main differences are that the reprint is on slightly heavier/thicker paper plus in the original, most pages have a grey background to the text areas whereas the reprint does not have this, just the plain white background of the paper. Finally, like a lot of reprints, the pictures and text are not as sharp, although still pretty good. Overall it's a good quality reprint and for those who are unable or unwilling to shell out for an original, it fills a gap in the collection. Just beware of rogues a few years down the line trying to pass it off as something it is not.


Well there was no official programme produced by the Cypriot FA, the first time since 2002 there's not been a programme of some sort at a Scotland match. There was an unofficial programme produced by myself to raise funds for the TA Sunshine Appeal, 100 were printed and taken to Larnaca and all sold very quickly.

Next up will be Slovenia away on 29 th February, hopefully the Slovenians will produce something a bit better than the newspaper on our last visit.

U21: The match in Nijmegen saw an A5, 8 page gatefold issue given away free. A nice little issue to mark a famous win.


Luxembourg U21: There was no programme for this match although a teamsheet and properly printed tickets were available to the small crowd.

Liechtenstein: This was a small square programme, smaller than A5 and advert laden with few pages of actual reading material, although it was given away free. That said, there were few “sellers” to be seen around the ground, probably due to the weather as it was raining most of the day and evening in Vaduz . However, it seems plenty have made it back to ensure that everyone will get a copy. The same cannot be said for………….

Spain : As expected, the programme was restricted to VIP/Press only, and by all accounts only around 100 copies were printed. A5 sized and 16 pages, it is similar to the 2004 issue although it does have a couple of pages covering Scotland and has both squads listed, it also only covers the Scotland game and the match details are printed on the cover. I doubt more than 20/25 copies made their way into Scottish hands by various means and this is sure to be a very difficult programme to get hold of in future.


It's been a few months since I updated the news page but a lot has been happening. The website now has scans of all programmes back to 1946, home and away, and tickets are slowly being added, although there remains gaps. As ever, if you spot a gap and you have the ticket, please get in touch with a view to providing a scan. The plan next is to add some pre-war scans.

The Carling Cup programmes in May were very similar to the one issued in February for the NI game, and the first Scotland programme of the year for the Denmark game was along similar lines to the previous issues of the past 12 months. Coming up is the two vital home qualifiers against the Czech Republic and Lithuania in September where two wins are a must, if those wins come, then Liechtenstein in October could be a knee trembler. The Liechtenstein programme, going on past experience from visits by England and the two Ireland's, is likely to be free and widely available, the Spain “programme” will of course be a different challenge entirely.


The Brazil match at The Emirates saw an impressive 68 page A4 sized programme issued, priced at £5. Fairly expensive but a very attractive issue full of interesting articles and old photos, including a 4 page fold out in the centre pages reproducing the Brazil and Scotland pages from the Panini 1982 Word Cup album as part of a “where are they now” feature. Also handed out free was an A5 24 page “match guide” produced by Jungle Drums magazine, a magazine for Brazilians living in the UK . All in English, this included the squad line-ups so can be considered an “unofficial” programme.

The website update is continuing and home programmes will be continually added over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!


The first away match of 2011 saw us travel across the Irish Sea to play our first game in the Carling Nations Cup against Northern Ireland in Dublin . The programme was readily available around the stadium and also covered the previous evenings ROI v Wales match, but at €5 for 64 pages, it was a little over priced. Expect similar for the remaining two matches in May.

There are various rumours of who Scotland are playing next month, with an away game most likely. Expect this to be confirmed shortly.


No repeat of the 2008 debacle in Prague with the programme, costing 30Kr (£1), available around the ground from the female sellers. It was 36 pages and B5 sized, and very good value for your pound. If you weren't in Prague , you should have no difficulty in picking up a copy off ebay or from a dealer.


As expected the Lithuania programme was readily available inside the stadium from the souvenir stalls which were also selling shirts and hats etc. 32 pages and A5 sized, some of the articles were translated into English. It cost 5 Litas which equates to roughly £1.20, and only 5 pages of adverts, it was good value for money – unlike the game.

Fakes warning

Firstly, the A4, four page Bosnia issue from 1999 has seen a couple of copies floating around. The programme is easily copied on a colour photocopier but the gold colour on the Bosnian FA badge on the cover may not reproduce exactly right and the paper will be hard to match exactly (both is size and quality). On the back page there are three concentric circles with Under 21 written across them, on the original these are complete circles, on the fake the circles are not complete. On the top of the front page there is the UEFA logo, the outer circle of red says UEFA the inner circle is blue and in the inner circle there is gold coloured map of Europe, this is a very clear a map of Europe but on the fake the map of Europe is hard to make out. If in any doubt walk away as these programmes fetch upto £150 and its a lot of money to lose on a fake, also it's always best to compare it to an original.

A more recent fake to emerge is the issue from Finland in 1965. This is a single sheet issue on pink paper (it was issued at the match along with a booklet), with the team line-ups in the middle and pics of the Scotland players around the edge. On the reverse side there is an advert (for typewriters I think!). There is at least one copy doing the rounds which has caught people out, the shade of pink paper is slightly different and the original is not exactly A4 sized (which the copies are), the pics are also not quite as sharp/clear. I also believe there has been a team change done in ink on the Finland line-up which looks a bit too new (on the one copy I have seen). This is one of the rarest post war Scotland programmes and can fetch a 4 figure sum, so don't even think about buying a copy - on the rare occasions it surfaces - without investigating further and if possible comparing it to an original.


Unlike Scotland goals, programmes were widely available at the Rasunda Stadium in Stockholm . A4 sized and 48 pages, they cost 20kr, which equates to less than £2, great value for money unlike the beer. Shouldn't be a problem picking these up from ebay or dealers. Next up is Lithuania , again no problems are anticipated, the same cannot be said for the prospects of a positive result…..


A major update to the website is just about complete, I'll be looking to add the 1960's over the coming months.

The Euro 2012 draw of course pitched us against Spain , Czech Republic , Lithuania and Liechtenstein . The latter three games should see programmes produced (providing the Czechs don't make another error of course…..), but the Spain game could be more problematic, they only seem to issue media guides similar to the one produced for our game in Valencia in 2004. Whether these count as programmes is debatable.  The Sweden away friendly in August should be straightforward enough programme wise.


The Wales programme as expected was readily available around the ground before kick-off and cost a very reasonable £2.00. The less said about the game and the aftermath the better.

With no away game scheduled for at least another 6 months, it gives me time to work on a bit of a re-design and more updates, watch this space!


The Japanese issued a 56 page A4 programme costing 1000 Yen (£7) for the Scotland game which also covered their match against Togo a few days later. A decent programme covering all 3 teams but a bit advert laden. Once again it wasn't straightforward to get hold of at the stadium, there didn't appear to be anyone selling them in the Scotland section so anyone wanting one had to walk round the concourse once inside the stadium towards the Japanese areas to get one, although I'm lead to believe there were a few booths located outside on the approaches to the Japanese sections of the stadium. Many Scotland fans didn't get one although it really shouldn't be a difficult programme to get hold of via ebay or dealers.

Next up – Wales on 14th November.


As expected in Oslo , the match programme was given away free as you walked through the turnstiles, just like our last visit in 2005. 68 glossy A4 pages and plenty to read, it shouldn't be hard to come by. Why can't the SFA not follow suit and get the advertisers/sponsors to pay for the programme rather than charging us £3 for a programme of questionable quality? Next away match will be the Japan friendly in Tokyo on 10 th October. The JFA normally produce large sized issues along the lines of what was seen at the Kirin Cup in 2006 and the website will be updated with news upon my return. Sadly, a November play-off looks even less likely now!


The programme from the Netherlands game was a rarely seen pocket sized issue (half of A5 size) which ran to 64 pages and was given away free of charge. However yet again obtaining one was far from straightforward as it was only given out in the Dutch sections despite the Dutch FA's assurances that it would be available to everyone, why host FA's persist in doing this is anyone's guess, however enough copies should make their way back here or be offered on eBay to satisfy demand. Early indications are that you'll get a copy for between £5.00 - £7.50.  There was an issue from the U21 game in Albania, although a copy is not yet to hand .


The Holland game is fast approaching and we can expect a decent issue to be widely available at the Amsterdam ArenA. Norway in August may see another substantial production given away free of charge as per our last visit. The SFA have indicated that there will be no further away games until November, when we could be faced with a play-off or a friendly, depending on results of course.

I shall be trying to get the website updated with a few more years worth of issues in the near future.

Some more recent ebay prices: Croatia £134; Bosnia £97 and £137; Spain 2004 £157; France 1984 £38; Switzerland 1992 £64; Brazil 1974 WC £103. There was also a “never seen before“ magazine (and teamsheet) from the 1998 USA game which is different from the accepted magazine that is in most people's collections. A bit of a mystery which fetched £150, there was of course no official programme for the game which makes the price all the more astonishing.

I'd also like to thank Scott Kelly for allowing me to use scans of a lot of his ticket collection, which has filled a number of gaps.


The “holy grail” of modern Scotland away issues appeared on eBay recently. The Yugoslavia issue from the game in Zagreb in 1989 rarely comes up for grabs, having been a VIP only issue all those years ago, and it went for £155 which was a bit less than I expected. A Bosnia issue also appeared and went for less than £50, which was quite surprising. Two of the 4 page Estonia/Monaco issues were listed and both went for around the £50 mark which is about right. Finally, supply seems to have met demand with the Czech Republic issue, with prices settling down at between £40/50, those who paid over £300 for a copy will be feeling a bit sick at the moment!


Programmes issues for both double header games.

In Macedonia a 32 page A4 issue - which also covered the Holland game the following Wednesday - was sold the evening before the match around the pubs on the riverfront next to the Holiday Inn for around €4 each, but were conspicuous by their absence around the ground on match day. However, they should be back in Scotland in good numbers.

Iceland saw a 16 page A5 issue produced which was sold around the ground pre-match for 500 Kr, again these also should be easy enough to get hold of.


Good news, the Icelandic FA confirm that a programme will be issued and on sale at the ground. No word yet from the Macedonian FA, replying to emails appears not to be a strong point of theirs!

A few more Czech Republic v Scotland programmes have appeared on eBay with prices appearing to level out at between £120-150. Almondvale Programmes in Edinburgh also have a small supply and are on sale for £175


The website will be moving server shortly so no major updates until this is completed.

The latest news from the Icelandic FA is that no decision has been made over whether a programme will be issued for the game in September. The decision should be made in the next couple of weeks. No news from the Macedonian FA yet.

17/07/2008 :

The Czech Republic programme has been turning up on ebay over the last few weeks. The first one to appear made £375 and the three since then have made between £200-300, with the one that sold for £200 coming from a seller in Prague with zero feedback which may have affected the price as it only attracted a single bid whereas the others attracted multiple bidding. It remains to be seen just how many more of these elusive programmes surface.

Some other rarities have been appearing on ebay recently with two Malta 1997 programmes going for just over £50 each, a Croatia 2000 for £150, Faroes 1995 for a surprising £30, Zaire 1974WC £95, Germany 1974 £170, Austria 1969 £180 and Germany 1957 for £185.

A France 2007 programme went for over £100, bucking the trend of recent months which seen some copies got for as low as £40, and finally a Norway programme from 1992 reached £51 which seemed very excessive as it was available on dealers lists for less than £10, a case of bidding fever getting the better of some perhaps?

Nevertheless, the interest in collecting Scotland away programmes remains strong and indeed appears to be increasing.

31/05/2008 :

A bit of a disaster for the Czech Republic game in Prague . The programme was to be a double issue, also covering the Lithuania game 3 days earlier, but the Czech FA made a monumental error and instead of printing details of the Lithuanian squad, they instead printed the Latvian squad, complete with badge. They also played the Latvian anthem at the game itself. The programme was hastily withdrawn, and it was not widely available at the Lithuania game and wasn't officially available at all at our game, not in the VIP sections, not in the media sections. Enquiries to the Czech FA afterwards confirmed that the programme was withdrawn and indeed two employees resigned and was severely censured over the matter, and they were not giving out any copies to anyone. I would estimate that no more than a dozen copies made it back to Scotland , so unfortunately this is going to be one of those super-rare issues commanding large prices should you be lucky enough to be offered one.